The Games Room

I want to add some gifs of a pool table and a lava lamp at a later date. For now, just imagine they're there.

This is a directory full of random games I've played. Some of them are probably forgotten, or some of them are known but just not popular anymore. Originally, I wanted to make a site about the now defunct online games of my childhood. Then I felt like writing about obscure eurodance artists. But I've changed my goal to just include all types of video games. This will sort of be like a Wiki, or an online museum. More pages will be added when I have the time.

Have you ever tried to Google a game from your childhood, only to find barely any information about it? Or you try and find a fanbase for something but it turns out that nobody cares? I want to try and at least partially solve that problem here. Anyone could write down information online, so I also want to try and focus on my own memories with these games. New games will be added as I remember them. There will be a lot of random childhood flash games, old software and otome games at first, but I'll try to add more things. Screenshots for some of them can be scarce, but I'll try my best!



Pixel Chix Jammin' Hamster


Moshi Monsters


Photo Story 3