Do you like free website buttons and graphics? Great!

Here are some buttons I made for you to use on your own site. (Some are from my old site and aren't that great.) My Photoshop skills are still lacking, but these are still so addictive to make! I just feel like I ought to give back to the Neocities community by providing some graphics. I apologise if a few of these suck, some of them are a few years old now. Below are some other interesting graphics I found during my travels.

You can do whatever you want with these images, but PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! It slows things down for everyone. Upload the graphics to your own site if you want to use them. Thank you~!

Other Graphics Pages

Otome Game Banners/Buttons Graphics
Otome Wallpapers


Random Photoshop experiments from a few years ago...

Other Graphics

None of these were made by me, actually I don't even know who created most of these. Hopefully you'll find something you like amongst this random assortment!