Here are some links to some sites that are truly wonderful. This page also exists so that I don't forget some of the interesting sites I've found!

Language Learning

Please take yourself over to the bottom of this page for some language learning links.

Doll Collecting

Kattis Dolls - A massive database of Barbie face moulds. It's useful for identifying dolls.

MH Collector - If you want to collect Monster High dolls, this site might be interesting. - A very detailed Jem and the Holograms fansite!

Keeping Ken - It hasn't been updated in a while, but it is a great place to find information on Ken.

Doll Printies - A Neocities site full of printables for your dolls!

The English Language

The Anglish Times - It's a news site in Anglish, which is English but without all the foreign words, i.e a huge majority of our vocabulary.

Etymonline - An online etymology dictionary for the English! Where do your favourite words come from?

Literature - Another database, this time for romance books.

Project Gutenberg - Free public domain eBooks!

Library Genesis - Useful for students who don't want to sell a kidney to pay for their textbooks.

Factual/Interesting Sites

Geocities Institute - A site full of interesting articles and projects related to the history of the World Wide Web, with a certain focus on amateur created homepages.

SABRE - The Society for All British and Irish Road Enthusiasts. Has a detailed encyclopedia and even a forum.

Pathetic Motorways - What the title says, a site about all the small, unusual motorways in Britain.

Abandoned Tube Stations - A very fascinating place about disused stations on the London Underground.


The Fighters Generation - This is such a cool site packed full of information on fighting games.

Zenius-i-Vanisher - A DDR and Bemani fansite. I get my Stepmania stepfiles from here.

RemyWiki - A Bemani information site. - An interesting Virtua Fighter fansite and forum.

Shenmue Dojo - A Shenmue fansite and forum.

Sega Printables - If you like crafts and printables, Sega's official website has loads of them. They're honestly super cool.

Otome Games

Hakumyu Fan Community - A fangroup for the Hakuoki musicals. You can find ways to watch the musicals here.

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Patch - I helped proofread this patch!

Miki's Otome Oasis - A really wonderful Neocities site with a focus on otoge.

Kiss or Gossip - A Neocities site about an old Voltage game that shut down a few years ago. I like the layout of this place a lot.


Eurobeat Prime - Eurobeat database and encyclopedia.

Radio Garden - This amazing place (that I found through another Neocities site) allows you to listen to hundreds of radio stations from all over the world, in many different languages! It's pretty cool to me that I can listen to the radio stations of my childhood from thousands of miles away.

Bubblegum Dancer - Probably the only BGD fansite, it has a massive database of artists and songs.

The Eurodance Encyclopedia - Eurodance fansite and database.

Malice Meezer - A Neocities fansite for Malice Mizer, and other visual kei bands I like.

UVERworld - Another Neocities fansite, this time for Uverworld, one of my favourite Japanese bands.

Website Ideas and Graphics

The Web Design Museum - A showcase of old web design. It could help you get ideas for designing your own site... - So big it slowed my computer down! The funniest thing is that this really awful button I made back when I had my old site is on there. - Another place for GIFs and graphics. It has some useful stuff for your own website. For some reason it has KOF sprites listed in the Dragon Ball section.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - A Neocities site full of cute graphics. I'll admit that I used this place a lot for finding the graphics for my site.


Kanzenshuu - It's an interesting Dragon Ball fansite.

The Hand That Feeds HQ - A site covering male seiyuu music releases.

Miscellaneous, but still worth visiting

FakeYou - It's text to speech, but using voices of popular characters and voice actors. I spent a lot of time messing around here.

Oldavista - A search engine for archives of the old web.

Marry Your Fave Character Online! - I was so sad when the original site went down, but luckily a very wonderful person on Neocities revived it!